Running Horse Trucking works hard to ensure maximum safety in the services we deliver.

We pride ourselves with the highest safety levels in our industry through implementation of these key things:

Our mission is to provide a safe and secure work environment for both our customers and employees. Excellence in safety and environment performance is a major priority. It is our mission to continue delivering outstanding service to our clients.

Our safety plan includes:

  • Daily safety training for our entire team.

  • Routine equipment maintenance

  • Monthly safety meetings

Monthly safety meetings take place where we discuss safety awareness as well as preventative measures that need to be taken based on industry and local issues that occur. Any accidents that occur are discussed in these meetings with the intention of developing better strategies for preventing recurrence of such accidents in future.

Our drivers are all equipped with essential oilfield Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Our plan also emphasizes to our clients, employees and others working with us to observe the highest safety measures possible both on site and on the road. We are convinced that through teamwork and communication we can keep everyone safe on and off the roads.

We are certified in:

Rigup Certified